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Actively Engage Your Clients in Financial Planning

How can you get clients actively involved in their financial plan and deepen your relationship with better advice and solutions? Join us to find out how the combination of MoneyGuidePro's client portal and aggregation options can help you and your clients. Learn about the budgeting, debt management and cash flow tools you can make available to help your clients manage their current and future financial activity.

New Integrations!
MoneyGuidePro® has over 100 integrations, recently we integrated FinFolio, Advyzon and Capitect.
  FinFolio + MoneyGuidePro®:
Technology That Works for You

FinFolio makes modern wealth management software for professional investment advisors. Features of the FinFolio + MoneyGuidePro® integration:

  • Auto updates to MoneyGuidePro's Client Portal.
  • Investment data from FinFolio can be brought into your MoneyGuidePro® plans. 

Join FinFolio and MoneyGuidePro® on Tuesday, May 8th at 4:00 PM ET to hear how the integration can help your business and clients.


Advyzon is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that combines portfolio management, flexible performance reporting, client portals, client relationship management (CRM), planning, and business intelligence.

Capitect enables advisors to deliver personalized portfolios unique to each client's circumstances, goals and objectives using the advisor's own investment strategies.

The MoneyGuidePro® Difference
Presenting plans digitally to your clients using MoneyGuidePro® is easy and encourages clients to actively engage in their plan. Tools such as Play Zone® and What Are You Afraid Of? allows you to be more relevant with your clients and enables you to show them real-time information that facilitates a more interactive and engaging conversation.

Play Zone® increases client buy-in by allowing the client to provide feedback regarding recommended retirement age, goals and savings; while What Are You Afraid Of? helps you better address client concerns and uncover additional opportunities.

Set up a demonstration or trial today and explore MoneyGuidePro® for yourself.
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