January 2017

Preparing for Industry Change

With a new presidential administration soon to take office, the fate of the Department of Labor's fiduciary and conflict of interest rules is uncertain. Regardless of the outcome, there are a variety of cutting edge tools and resources available that can help you better serve clients while growing your business.

Book: Exploring Advice
Join author Kevin Knull, CFP®, and President of PIEtech, as he and 39 other industry thought leaders provide answers to three questions: What is good financial advice? What constitutes a quality financial plan? And what does it mean to be a fiduciary? Purchase the book here.

InvestmentNews: Fiduciary Focus Page
This page features one of the most comprehensive fiduciary databases out there. It also includes the most commonly asked questions and a timeline to help keep your firm on track. View the page here.

Webinar: The DOL Rule in a Post-Election World
Acting in your client's best interest will remain critical in 2017 and beyond. Learn from three industry thought leaders how you can leverage the rules to your advantage. Watch the recording here.

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Expert Tips from Training
Since releasing MoneyGuidePro's Expectations & Concerns feature in 2016, the positive feedback and success stories from advisors have been abundant. Advisors say it's an engaging tool that helps them facilitate conversation, gain a better understanding of clients and document information used to make their recommendations.
The cost of health care is one of the most often selected concerns in Expectations & Concerns. You can address the impact of this cost in your client’s retirement plan in the 'What Are You Afraid Of?' section. It's a good idea to pass control of the mouse to your clients, allowing them to increase/decrease their health care or long term care costs to see the immediate impact upon their probability of success.
Helping clients address this common concern can motivate them to follow through on action plans, create confidence in their plan and deepen your relationship. By stress testing the plan with health care costs, you’ve tailored your advice to address the client’s unique concerns while also uncovering an opportunity to position your solutions.
Featured Tech Partner Webinar
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  Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever | FA-Mag.com
Bill Bachrach shares his three steps to taking your business to the next level in 2017.
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Financial Planning's 2017 Tech Roundup | Journal of Financial Planning
Industry leaders, including PIEtech President, Kevin Knull, provide their opinions on critical topics, advice on trends and best practices for your business. Read more here.

The 'Bread-and-Butter' Technology' | Financial-Planning.com
According to FinancialPlanning.com's annual RIA survey, MoneyGuidePro® was named the #1 financial planning software for the 9th consecutive year. Read more here.

6 Parts of a DOL-Friendly Financial Plan | ThinkAdvisor
Learn the components of a quality financial plan and get an inside look at PIEtech President Kevin Knull's new book, Exploring Advice.
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