November 2016

Groundbreaking New Partnerships

Last week we announced four partnerships with companies that are leaders in their industries - Riskalyze risk management software, Covr Financial Technologies, Milliman financial risk management software and MX aggregation and personal financial management. While the partnerships combined are newsworthy, each integration will bring something unique to our MoneyGuidePro® users. These integrations will be active in Q1 of 2017.

To learn more about each of these groundbreaking partnerships and how they will help you reach more clients to address their best interests, please read our press releases found in the section below.

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What's a 'Rolling Plan Year'?

Think of this as a rolling fiscal year. For example, if you create a plan on Nov 11, 2016, we calculate the first year of the plan from that date through Nov 10, 2017.

Why do we do this? The 'Rolling Plan Year' eliminates the need to prorate numerous variables including asset additions, goal amounts, investment earnings and taxes. At a data gathering level, it also saves time for both you and the client, and reduces confusion caused by prorating.

When you look at a client's plan during the fourth quarter of the year, remember that you will see the full year's worth of asset additions, investment earnings and taxes for the 2016 year. Much like a fiscal year, '2016' has been redefined where it starts today and ends 365 days from today.

For additional information, please click here to review our
Calculations and Assumptions User Guide. This document can also be found within our Support Center.

Exploring Advice with MoneyGuidePro®

Learn from Kevin Knull, President of PIEtech, Inc. and 39 of the most sought after thought leaders in the industry as they share their unedited insight and best practices for good financial advice, a quality financial plan and the role of a fiduciary.

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