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Are You On Brand?

Not sure if you're using the correct logo or imagery to promote your use of MoneyGuidePro®? Our brand guidelines can be found in the Support Center. Please take a moment to ensure you are using our current logo and marketing assets (videos, screenshots, etc.) according to our Guidelines (appropriately) as we periodically audit their use.

New to our Brand Guidelines are myMoneyGuide® logos and other brand assets. Users of this MoneyGuidePro® add-on should review the updated guidelines in the Support Center.


A Powerful New Integration


Riskalyze focuses on eliminating emotional reactions to short-term risk, helping advisors set expectations and enabling clients to stay invested for the long term. MoneyGuidePro® focuses on the complete portfolio’s risk performance in the long-term and the financial plan’s probability of success. Together, Riskalyze and MoneyGuidePro® help advisors and their clients pinpoint how much risk the clients want, have and need to be comfortable with reaching their goals. To learn more about this integration, join us for an informational webinar on Thursday, September 14th at 3:00 PM ET. (Additional times available)


Scheduled Software Outage


To continue providing you with the best experience possible, we will be upgrading our infrastructure to increase the efficiency and performance of our system. During this maintenance window, MoneyGuidePro® will be temporarily unavailable to all users beginning Friday, September 15th at 9:00 PM ET through Saturday, September 16th at 6:00 PM ET. Please rest assured there will be no changes to your plans or loss of data.


New Cover Report Imagery

The cover images for MoneyGuidePro® reports have been updated to provide you with several great new options. To change your cover page image, select User Options from the main menu. On the left-hand side, select Reports then Report Options. Select your desired image from the drop-down menu next to Report Cover Page Image.

How to Engage Clients in Planning

Keeping clients engaged in the financial planning process can be tough. The Play Zone® feature of MoneyGuidePro® allows your client to make adjustments to variables they can control, such as retirement age and lifestyle. Put the mouse in your clients' hands and allow them to experience the impact of different choices and retirement scenarios.

      Featured Webinar

It's time to do away with long, generic questionnaires; instead impress and engage clients and prospects with customized online forms that address their unique needs. Through the integration between MoneyGuidePro® and PreciseFP 4.0, you can create these custom forms, store form responses and eliminate manual data entry.

Join us on Thursday, September 14th at 4:00 PM ET to find out how it all works.

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